The Autistic Strategies Network is a collaborative initiative by autistic people to optimise autism individually and in society.

“Optimising autism” means making our autism work as well as possible.

We started in South Africa and focus on Africa. We collaborate internationally.

We make mistakes and learn along the way. We invite you to join our journey.

Nonspeaking autists’ experiences of ABA

Nonspeaking autists’ experiences of ABA

ABA is a behaviour modification method for the ‘treatment’ of autism. It is used particularly with autistic children who struggle with communication and self-regulation. ABA is touted as being ‘evidence-based’, in spite of there being little evidence of support from the community ABA purports to serve. This article, written for a South African audience, includes perspectives of several non-speaking autistics on their ABA experiences.

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“There’s need for continental awareness and education of autism that is autistic led in order to change that narrative.”
Karen Muriuki, Autistic activist, Kenya, on witchcraft prejudices against autistic people

African autistics brace for an onslaught of ableist abuse from PAABA

African autistics brace for an onslaught of ableist abuse from PAABA

“This is heartbreaking,” wrote Kenyan autistic activist Karen Muriuki as PAABA officials began blocking autistic people from commenting on their standard of ethics during the launch of the organisation online. “Why silence autistic Africans who are advocating for disability and human rights? This a total violation of CRPD Articles 7, 15 and 16.”

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Autistic people around the world are working together to ban ABA.

Read what nonspeaking people say and learn about the international initiatives.

Some of our past events

We’ve been involved in workshops, conferences and social initiatives for several years. The Autistic Health Seminar 2018 was the first learning event for health professionals presented entirely by autistic people. Here’s what was on the agenda.  We also played a key role in the Spelling to Communicate workshops for non-speaking autists in South Africa in 2017-2018. Some of these non-speakers already have their own blogs. Here’s one…

Communication is a human right.

Listen to as many autistic people as possible.

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