Questions and answers about the Seminar

I'm not a health professional. May I come?
Yes. We will use a lot of layman’s language too.
Do I get CPD points?
Sorry. We haven’t applied. If you want to help us rush through an application, we’re all for it.
Can we get a group discount?

Yes, if you book for two or more people, the fee per person is reduced from R3,250 to R2,950 incl. VAT.

If you’re coming alone, you can also pay the R3,250 in two instalments, one before the Seminar, and the second instalment before 9 October.

Can you handle my dietary requirements?
We ask you about your dietary requirements on the booking form. If there are any problems, we’ll let you know.
Where can I stay?

 When we last checked, there were still 8 rooms available for that period at the Devon Valley Hotel, where the event is being held. There are also many cheaper places to stay, such as backpacker accommodation in Stellenbosch, and AirBnB options in the Stellenbosch and Kuils River areas.

The Seminar begins on the morning of Friday 7 September, and ends after lunch on Sunday 9 September, so you can check out on the Sunday morning and  catch a late afternoon or evening flight.

What happens after I submit my booking?
After you’ve submitted your booking, you’ll get mail containing the information you filled in. Within a day or two, you’ll receive an invoice from O-I-C Business Integration (the Seminar’s administrators) with banking details for you to make your payment.

Once you’ve paid, we’ll send you an acknowledgement by e-mail, followed by further information to help you prepare for the Seminar.

Will the event be live-tweeted?
Yes, use the hashtag #AutisticHealth2018
Will there be clapping inside the conference room?
No. We will allow flapplause (you can flap your hands). This is the standard form of applause at many autistic-led events. The learning facilitator will demonstrate and explain.
Will there be a room where it is quiet, for withdrawing?
Yes, there will be a room with the curtains drawn, where anyone can go.

No talking allowed in there.

Will there be a space for noisy stims?
No, not specifically, but there is a garden where you can wander around if you’re noisy, away from the main buildings. The Hotel have been informed that this may happen.
Will someone take a video for those who can't attend?
Not an official one, but if a participant would like to film a talk and upload it publicly, they simply need to just ask the presenter’s permission before they begin filming. Each presenter can decide for themselves. Some presentations will have a lot of audience interaction, and we will gain consensus about filming from the audience before we begin.

Our policy for photos is that we only place photos on our Web site or on social media if we have the explicit permission of each person in the photo. (We crop and fade people out if we don’t have their permission.) We ask that others respect the same permission-based principle.

Will there be any similar sessions for people who can't attend?
We are unlikely to have the same group of presenters together again in future, and because this is a dynamic learning event, future events may play out differently. However, you can contact us if you would like to have a speaker addressing a some of the same topics at your own venue (for example, at your clinic or school).
Who are the sponsors?
There are no sponsors.

Participants’ fees cover the venue fees and courseware, as well as the administration and the use of conference equipment.  This includes catering and courseware for the presenters and panelists.

Presenters and panelists do not receive a presenters’ fee, and only one presenter’s accommodation and travel is being covered.

The surplus from the income will be donated in equal amounts to the Foundation for Ion Channel Diseases and Benjine Gerber.

If you have any other questions about the booking and payment process, please phone Sam Williams at
+27 21 949-2077 before you book, or fill in the form below so that she can contact you on WhatsApp.